Our Galley Wear in Action:

Talking to Emmi from Symphony Star
Our Galley wear is specially made for all chefs on board! It is the perfect combination of comfortable yet protective clothing for the galley. We had the pleasure of getting to know Galgo Emmanuel Jr. Gentizon, known by his coworkers as Emmi, from Symphony Star's galley crew.
‘’When members of the crew tell me they enjoyed a meal I prepared, that really makes my day and definitely motivates me to do even better. Day-to-day, I make sure that all of the ingredients we are using are fresh and that all of our equipment is pristine and working properly. I also take stock of our inventory of food and supplies and make sure that all food safety documentation is up-to-date. This work is intense, but my energy level is always high!"
"Life on board is unlike anything I have experienced. So many unforgettable moments. Only a few jobs offer the chance to see so many places in the world and to meet so many people from so many different countries. Obviously after these experiences you become a well-rounded, worldly person. I have a better understanding about global problems, the lives of communities from around the world, their cultures, and their ways of life."
"In my day-to-day work, antibacterial clothing is essential. Scandia’s galley wear is tough but still comfortable. In the kitchen, we have to prevent contact with and the transfer of harmful microbes, substances, really anything that can harm our bodies. These products make sure that I am comfortable and safe doing what I love most."
"I would definitely recommend the galley line from Scandia Gear to every chef and line cook on board!’’

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