Hand Protection
Against Mechanical Risk

EN388 is a widely accepted standard for measuring protective gloves in the maritime industry. The updated EN388 test results determine mechanical protection levels for safety gloves. All current EN388 certifications continue to be valid until a new certification is necessary (max. 5 years).

The latest standard EN388:2016 introduces a second rating for Cut Resistance (TDM) and offers an optional Impact Protection rating. Please note, retest results for Abrasion Resistance may deviate, caused by the use of a different type of abrasion paper. The retest results for the Cut Resistance Coup Test may vary due to the blade cycle requirement being converted to 60 blade cycles.

These changes affect new products being certified and existing product recertification (details specified in the product markings). To the wearer, the quality of the gloves remains the same, however the selection criteria are now more comprehensive. Scandia's glove range will be tested in accordance with the new PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 soon and both cut tests (Coup and TDM) will be conducted for recertification.

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