Wear Reflective

Whether at dusk, in the dark, or during heavy rain and snow, to remain safe, workers must be visible.
The reflective stripes on the ScanPolar HV and our HV apparel comply with the requirements of safety standard EN ISO 20471, ensuring the wearer's perceptibility in lowlight, darkness, and the more severe weather. High-visibility clothing has a fluorescent surface and retroreflective material that meet the certification requirements of three different classes. Performance requirements are included for colour, retroreflection, and minimum HV surface area.

X: ratio of fluorescent background material to retroreflective material (3 levels, where class 3 is best).
For our HV apparel, we use 3M & Stonor retroreflective tape, known for its quality, performance, and durability. Containing millions of microscopic glass beads, this retroreflective tape, as opposed to standard reflective tape, enhances the wearer’s visibility in all light conditions.
For help finding the best HV apparel for your worksite, please contact us.