UV radiation is as dangerous to the eyes as it is to skin. Since UV radiation levels vary across the globe and are especially high near the Equator, vessel crews must be prepared. UV-protected safety eyewear is essential. To choose the right UV protection, please consider the following:

  •  Look for “100% UV” or “UV 400” product markings.
    Glasses with darkened lenses cause wearers’ pupils to dilate. If the glasses’ protection levels are insufficient, UV radiation will damage the wearers’ eyes and eyesight.
  • Safety glasses and goggles should provide 360-degree coverage for the eyes and eye sockets. Be mindful of gaps above the eyebrows, at the temples, and above the cheeks.

Our range of lightweight safety eyewear provides UV 400 protection and superior anti-fog and anti-scratch performance in a universal fit.

Should you need help finding glasses or goggles to protect against the hazards of your work, please contact us. We are more than happy to help.