How to Protect for Winter Weather

Our winter safety apparel is designed and tested for use in the extreme cold. To keep your body warm, wear apparel that regulates moisture, be sure to protect your extremities (i.e., your head, hands, and feet), and dress in three layers:

  1. Base Layer: choose thermal underwear as a "second" skin layer to keep you warm and control moisture. 
  2. Mid Layer: choose fleece, which helps to insulate and retain heat.
  3. Outer Layer: wear a water- and windproof outer shell for protection against extreme weather.

Proper layering will provide you with ample thermal insulation by keeping cold air out and warm air close to your body. To ensure that winter layering remains effective, be sure to avoid constricting your protective apparel (e.g., with unnecessarily tight straps, belts, or harnesses). Doing this will restrict the flow of warm air inside and between your layers, leaving you cold. Preparation is essential: as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. Choose right.