Proper footwear on worksites is required for a reason. Slips and falls, exposure to chemicals, electrical accidents, and accidents caused by the improper use of tools and machinery are common causes of LTIs (Lost Time Injuries). With the right footwear these accidents are preventable.

Accordingly, our range of footwear complies with applicable norms and standards.

Our footwear collection includes shoes and boots with shock absorbing heels, antistatic soles, resistance to fuel-oil, machine washable footwear for galley use, anti-perforation midsoles, insoles, and toecaps, antibacterial protection, heat resistance, ankle and anti-slip protection, as well as thermal and absorbent socks and insoles.

In short, everything you need.

State of the art technology


Our safety shoes and boots meet the strictest safety standards. We have the right safety shoes for every field in our extensive range. We try to continuously innovate and update. In addition, the look and feel are regularly updated as you are used to from Scandia.

A few of our newest technologies are shown below:

New Products

Our footwear is designed to be your go-to protection against the hazards you face at work. They are built to last and provide every wearer with a comfortable, proper fit no matter what.

Our newest footwear collection includes: