Because we know women at sea need their own well-fitting workwear, we decided to send some of our Instagram followers
our newest ScanRally Reflect and ScanPyro Tropic women's boilersuits to test out. And of course to share their experiences.
On this page you can read all about what these women do for a living and their opinions on our brand new suits!

A little info about the two Women's Boilersuits:
We have expanded and updated our range of apparel made exclusively for women seafarers. New to the product range is the women's
ScanPyro Tropic offshore boiler suit, designed for thermo regulation and maximum comfort. For the ScanRally Reflect UV-blocking boiler suit,
we have created a more tailored fit for enhanced comfort and protection.

Never compromise on the safety that a proper fit brings!

WomensCampaign Angelica 1
Good day! I’m Angelica Cuyno,

I'm a 3rd Engineer onboard VLGC vessels and I am truly honored to be part of Scandia’s Women at Work campaign. Scandia has been delivering high quality PPE worldwide ever since 1974 and I've happily been wearing their products since I started my seafaring career.

My company prioritizes the safety of the crew, that’s why almost all personal protective equipment onboard were supplied by Scandia Gear!

One of my struggles as the only lady seafarer onboard:

Is to find the right size of PPE. I have a small stature, and it's always a challenge to find the correct size of coveralls. When I'm wearing coveralls that are too big, my safety is often compromised.

Good thing I have received this ScanRally Reflect Women to try out from Scandia. I've brought this coverall onboard with me and it really fits me perfectly! It's not too loose and not too tight, and I can say that I can now work properly without jeopardizing my safety. It's really lightweight and the fabric is suitable to the engine room’s temperature, which is relatively high all the time. The texture of the fabric feels good, it's really comfortable. It is also convenient because it has many pockets, I can fill them with my go-to-tools.

In general, this product is great and praiseworthy. I just hope that we have this onboard from now on so I don't have to wear baggy coveralls anymore!

WomensCampaign Angelica 2
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Hey guys!

I'm Bianca Barbosa, Deck Officer at a FSRU in Brazil. I was very happy to be part of this campaign, because everyone who works onboard recognizes the impeccable quality of Scandia Gear. The company's purpose of highlighting the work of women in this environment, where we still face so many obstacles, is a source of pride!
As women we already have to face many challenges onboard to prove that we are capable of performing our work, and having this recognition in the form of protective equipment dedicated to us is a great achievement.

WomensCampaign Bianca 1
WomensCampaign Bianca 2
The ScanRally Reflect Women is just what we need

For those of us who frequently work on deck, the material with UV protection is very important and also, it's made from 100% fine cotton, allowing for easy and safe movements. The size fits perfectly, it can be adjusted without having to fold up the ends, and it allows you to climb stairs and take long strides without getting stuck. (which usually happens with male fits)

In addition, there is space for the use of knee pads, which is very necessary for some work on deck. I also wanted to mention the various storage capacity and security for radio, flashlight, strap, pad of paper, pen and many other objects that we need to carry during our work. I'm more than satisfied with the quality and really admire how they thought of everything!

The ScanRally Reflect really surprised me! it's an honor to be a part of this project and to wear this product while working on board!

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WomensCampaign ArshDhaliwal 1
Hey, I am Arsh Dhaliwal!

I'm at the beginning of my career, I've sailed on three vessels so far (Oil and Gas Fleet). I'm really thankful to Scandia for asking me to be a part of their women's campaign. It's really great to see that Scandia is working hard for a good cause and to see them upgrading and making their products better day by day.

I have used plenty of Scandia Gear products ranging from Scandia boiler suits and shoes to gloves and winter wear, and I can say proudly that I have never been disappointed by the quality of their products. I have used Scandia's coverall for men on-board, but I must say this ScanPyro Tropic Women's is different!

The ScanPyro Tropic

This is one of the best products I have ever come across. Onboard, my size boiler suits are either unavailable or way too loose, but the ScanPyro Tropic Women fits just perfect. It's the best! This boiler suit comes with an empowering stylish look, with useful pockets and great quality fabric. The suit is so comfortable to walk around in and makes it easy to work freely. The suit comes with many advantages, like it's specially designed for working in hot climates and engine room, not to forget the mesh moisture management at back pleats, and nevertheless it's still light weight. I am absolutely amazed!

Thank you Scandia Gear. I really appreciate your efforts for recognizing the Women at Work. More power to you.
Glad to be a part of the Scandia family!

WomensCampaign ArshDhaliwal 2
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My name is Lisa,

Hi I’m Lisa Hunter, a final year deck cadet with the Maritime Educational Foundation. It is such a great privilege to have been selected as one of the women to represent Scandia Gear through their Women at Work Campaign. I am so proud to represent such an inclusive brand alongside other strong and talented women. This campaign is so empowering to us all as it focuses on and fixes a challenge women experience, that previously had been overlooked and forgotten about.

When spending a considerable amount of time at work wearing a boiler suit it's so important that the fit is correct, not only for our comfort but most importantly our safety onboard. Women face enough challenges within this industry and safety should never be one of them.

WomensCampaign LisaHunter 1
WomensCampaign LisaHunter 2
The ScanRally Reflect:

The boiler suit I wear is the ScanRally Reflect, a style I have been used to wearing throughout my time at sea, only this time it fits like a glove. From the first day I wore the women's ScanRally Reflect it was amazing, the difference in having a waist that fits in the right place and legs that reach my boots made me feel protected in my PPE. I also love this boiler suit as during the day, it gives me UV protection when working out on deck and during hours of darkness it includes a highly reflective material which ensures I am visible at all times.

As I’m sure many women can relate to and agree with, finding a boiler suit that fits correctly can often be quite a challenge. They're usually either far too big, have an extremely baggy crotch or legs that don’t always reach the ankles.

Every aspect of this boiler suit has been carefully thought of and for that I am so thankful to Scandia Gear for giving us women our safety at work!

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WomensCampaign GizeleGomes 2
My name is Gizele,

I am Gizele Gomes, Brazilian 3rd Officer, currently working on a VLGC vessel. Scandia Gear invited me to be part of their women's campaign, which raises awareness about women working in the maritime industry.
Statistically speaking, we make up only 0.12% of the total seafaring population, however that total continues to grow year by year.

It's challenging working in this industry. Every day we face stereotyped expectations and we need to double our efforts to demonstrate our capacity and knowledge. In an industry that's predominantly male, it's extremely significant to have a company such as Scandia that creates high quality PPE for us and provides encouragement and inspiration to women seafarers.

About the ScanPyro Tropic AS ZP:

I can honestly say that it's great not having to fold the sleeves and legs of my boiler suit or having to keep my trousers secure when climbing stairs or crouching during maintenance or maneuvers.
The ScanPyro Tropic AS/ZP is also really comfortable, regulating heat and providing protection against flames, static, and UV rays. It's adjustable and made specifically for me and other women seafarers.

Thanks, Scandia! I’m proud to be part of this women's campaign. No more trying to find a proper fit in men’s workwear!

WomensCampaign GizeleGomes 3
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Hi, I'm Jonah!

Ahoy, Mates. I am 2nd Officer Jonah Sabornido sailing on a Tanker Vessel Worldwide. I'm just so Happy and Proud to be part of this wonderful Women at Work Campaign of Scandia Gear. Ever since I sailed, I always admired the good quality of their products.

It's so important to have something to wear at work that you will feel comfortable and safe in at the same time. And now with the ScanPyro Tropic for Women, I personally experienced that comfort and safety. I am not just wearing a typical Boiler Suit. But it's also a Boiler Suit with style!

WomensCampaign Jonah 1
WomensCampaign Jonah 2
What I like about the ScanPyro Tropic Boiler Suit:

One of my biggest struggles onboard is having to wear an oversized men's Boiler Suit that doesn't fit me. I used to fold the sleeves just to be able to wear it, so when I got these coveralls I was so amazed with its adjustable options in the wrists and waist. Giving me a proper fit for my size. Amazing indeed!

I also love how many useful pockets it has, like on the chest with a slanted, concealed zipper that really looks so stylish. It also has pockets on the sleeve & sides, as well as pockets at the back that make it look like cargo pants. The Velcro strips for rank and name badges are just so snappy too! I really love it.

Wearing this new ScanPyro Tropic feels like an armor to survive the reality of my everyday sea life. Wearing Scandia Gear products really give me pride! I hope all my fellow Female Seafarers can eventually also experience this proper fit and comfort, to improve working conditions on board.

So grateful to be working with Scandia Gear!

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WomensCampaign YanaGuido 3
I am Yana Guido,

I’m a 3rd Engineer from Brazil. When I was invited to be one of the 10 women ambassadors of the new Women at Work Campaign I felt so honored. Being part of 2% of the women who works in the maritime industry makes me feel that everyday is a challenge. We have to prove ourselves, work harder than the usual and fight to be heard in this male dominated field.

Scandia is supplying PPE to this field since 1974 and is always improving their products accordingly with the decades and the best material available. When they designed such an amazing boilersuit specially for women, they showed they support us. They also show the world that women are an important part of this industry and that we should be able to keep growing in it.

About the ScanPyro Tropic Women’s boilersuit:

The boilersuit has an amazing design, especially for engineers, due to its heat-regulating, light weight material and the mesh moisture management in the back pleats. It’s very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly to work all day on board. Together with the Flame-Resistant technology, the UV protection and the Anti-Static, the ScanPyro Tropic makes me feel safe to perform all the jobs in the ship.

I am really glad to have my job recognized and to know that we don’t need to keep trying to find a proper fit in men’s workwear. Thank you so much Scandia Gear!


WomensCampaign YanaGuido 5
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