Our industry defines us

Vertical Integration

All products are distributed directly from our stock to a broad range of shipowners and shipping companies, without intervention by third parties. Vertical integration of all phases – from the spinning of the yarn all the way through to deliveries on board.

Quality Assurance

Our production processes are grounded in human and environmental rights and our products comply with the most stringent health and safety standards. Efficient management and an ongoing drive to outdo ourselves have led to a sustainable and agile supply chain. Together, these are our commitments to our clients and their workforces worldwide.

Traceability is an important part of our quality guarantee. Since we manufacture our products at our own production facilities and with select production partners we are able to maintain a consistent, Scandia-proven quality standard.


Scandia is known for its agility, the value and durability of its products, and its expertise in the maritime industry. Listening closely and responding to our clients has made us the premier outfitter for the world’s leading shipping companies.


In support of our clients’ corporate identities and global branding, Scandia outfits each product ordered with the client’s company logo.


Scandia was established in 1974 and has been specializing from its very beginnings in the creation, production, and storage of specialized, high-quality work wear and safety equipment for the maritime and offshore industries. Today Scandia outfits the world’s leading shipping companies.


Scandia’s products reflect our expertise at listening to the market. To ensure superior quality and continuity, every aspect of production, delivery, and after-sales service is our own. There are no third parties. We have established longstanding, collaborative relationships with our client network and have structured our design, production, and business operations toward the immediate integration of each client’s product requirements and suggestions.


Scandia will continue to be a trusted and innovative leader in the maritime and offshore industries, creating products that enhance our clients’ safety, efficiency, and work performance.

Our ethics at work

We are a global company. Everything we make is designed in the Netherlands. We have manufacturing centers, offices, and warehouses throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA, and our entire operation is driven and guided by our strong code of ethics.


We maintain impeccable standards of quality and fairness in all our business dealings.


We price goods and services clearly and at fair market prices.


We never compromise on product quality.


We encourage every colleague in our extraordinary and diverse workforce to take pride in their work.


We proceed with an understanding of our responsibility to our environment.


We work exclusively with businesses who share our commitment to guaranteeing employees fair wages, benefits, and allowances as determined by the greater between local laws and local industry standards.


We work with businesses who are actively committed to creating and maintaining safe and healthy workplace.


In selecting our business partners, we evaluate their operational capacities and efficiencies against our own; businesses become Scandia partners by aligning their standards with ours.