Our commitment runs deep

Since we have intensified our focus on minimising our impact on the environment, Scandia is determined to design and develop with sustainability in mind. As part of our commitment to making our product line more environmentally sustainable, we have analysed exactly what kinds of products our customers need and how we can offer them more sustainable options. By keeping a close eye on this, we are gradually expanding our Green Label Collection. This is a process of continuous improvement in terms of both the social impact and the environmental impact of our products.

You can download our Sustainability Statement 2021 by clicking here.

The themes on which we focus:

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Decent Work &
Economic Growth

Our commitment to decent work is embedded in our entire organization. We stand for fair, safe and healthy working conditions for all the people involved in making Scandia’s products. Through our amfori BSCI membership and longterm relationships with our production partners, we work on structurally improving working conditions. This is mandated by our Code of Conduct and ensured by independent audit companies.

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Responsible Production
& Consumption

Together with our production partners, we are constantly researching sustainable materials to create Green Label options for each category in Scandia’s product range. Where possible, we use recycled or sustainable materials for our products and packaging. 66% of our 29 production partners recycle their manufacturing waste (i.e. leftover fabric from garment manufacturing) and find suitable ways of repurposing this post-consumer waste.

Water + Trash
Avoid Plastics In
Our Oceans

We have a close connection to the sea, which is why we would like to contribute to keep our oceans clean. For this reason, we first sought to understand how and why plastic is used throughout our supply chain. Having analysed the findings, we are now working to eliminate plastic wherever we can in the entire product journey – from design and manufacturing to the end users and wearers of our products

Sustainability statement


This report highlights our goals, obstacles and progress on a social and environmental level. We are aware that the future is completely open and we can
only base our decisions on today’s knowledge. However, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our products, the lives of those who create and wear
what we make and, of course, our planet.

Read about the sustainability projects on which we worked in 2021.