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At Scandia Gear, we spend a lot of time on our packaging; getting the product in a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is very important to us.
The contamination of our oceans and waterways is a preventable health and environmental crisis. Given Scandia’s close connection to the sea, we are moved to do everything we can to help. To that, we are reforming our approach to packaging our products and shipments and working toward eliminating the use of plastics in our supply chain.

Through ongoing internal audits, we have eliminated much of the plastic that went into making Scandia products. Our focused has shifted toward eliminating plastics from our product packaging if not conventional packaging altogether. To that, we have just started sending our first packaging-free shipments. Even with this success, our capacity to do away with all packaging is limited by the necessity of protecting during shipment the exteriors, treatments, and protective coatings of safety products and apparel in our inventory.

All our packaging is now made from recycled fibers and/or FSC certified paper from protected and sustainable forests. In addition, when needed, we use tissue paper made from old recycled newspapers. Old newspapers can be recycled up to 70 times. This occurs, for example, with products that require separation (for example through coatings).

At Scandia Gear, we believe that single-use plastics are a big environmental problem. We must take action against plastic pollution. The following initiatives have removed a significant amount of plastic from our supply chain and, by that, make our production processes that much smoother. Without diminishing the quality of our product unboxing any less easy.

Our new Plastic Policy

We have a close connection to the sea, which is why we would like to contribute to keep our oceans clean. For this reason, we started our new plastic policy: use as little plastic as possible in our supply chain.

Standard packaging is converted 1 by 1 by Product Development into more sustainable packaging. We used to pack all our products in separate polybags, so all items would have their own packaging before they went into a box. We have changed this to use plastic as little as possible. Products are now packed and shipped without plastic to our customers. Recycled tissue paper is used for protection. From the supplier it will be shipped to us in 1 large master polybag (made of recycled plastic) to protect the products.

While some articles cannot be shipped without plastic packaging (e.g., eyewear), we are exploring alternatives. Eyewear, for example, must be wrapped with plastic to protect the coating of the glasses. We are now converting this to packaging made from recycled plastic, so that no new plastic is used. Right now, ±81% of our product packaging has been converted to more sustainable packaging (i.e., plastic-free). This means that no more plastic is sent to the customer from our head office and Houston division. From Singapore, 1 large polybag is used to protect the products, because they have to deal with high humidity there unless there is no other option. Please note, this really only applies to our own products. Unfortunately, we have no influence on third-party products, which are still shipped in their regular packaging.


When will all products be converted to more sustainable packaging?


We have set goals which will also be reflected in the new statement at the end of 2020.
 These goals are:

    •     As of 2021, no more plastic packaging will be shipped from Scandia (except for exceptional items, like eyewear)
    •     From 2021, exceptional items will be shipped in 100% recycled plastic
    •     By 2021 all PO’s will be converted to the new plastic policy
    •     From Singapore, all orders are shipped in 1 master polybag made from recycled material

Download our New Plastic Policy Presentation here.

Less Catalogues

Keeping our customers and their workforces up-to-date on Scandia’s product development is essential.
To ensure that product details remain fresh, and to reduce our use of paper, we have created an online version of the product catalogue. You can download this catalogue via the QR code on our shipping boxes and on the Scandia website. While a move toward digital-only product promotions is our goal, we will continue to send the product catalogue, in hardcopy, to customers once annually.

Download your catalogue here: