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We cannot continue to consume resources at current levels. Scandia Gear’s sustainability vision and mission focus on the protection and careful use of our natural resources, specifically our oceans and waterways. Blending short- and long-term initiatives, these are our achievements to date:


Automatic Lighting Control
Responding to motion and extended presence, our smart lighting system ensures that office lights are switched on and off automatically. Through our use of smart technology, we have substantially reduced our electricity consumption, in some areas by 90%.

Waste Sorting
To ensure simpler, cleaner processing and to preserve the recyclability of waste materials, we have been working with local waste management services to recover more carbon (2014) and plastic (2018) from our supply chain. Some of our ongoing waste sorting pilot projects involve making better use of the paper in our supply chain. Currently, all lightly used and unsoiled paper is reused and none of our paper waste is incinerated. In the Netherlands, lightly used paper is essential to the manufacture of new paper, cardboard, and card stock.

On average, an office employee generates 1.5 pounds of paper waste per day. Worse yet, 77% of that paper waste could have been recycled. Compared to making paper from trees, using old paper reduces energy consumption in paper production by between 30 and 50%.

Recycling newsprint, printer paper, and card stock gets us egg cartons, game boards, cereal boxes, gift boxes, bedding for pets, insulation, and packing material as well as paper towels, tissue paper, and toilet paper, all made sustainably.

Recycling plastic gets us new soda bottles, crates, tennis balls, and toys without the use of fossil fuels and with energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. We are excited to doing even more with less.

Conserving Water
Toward more sustainable water use, we have installed smart faucets on every floor of our head office and A+++ energy class washing machines in our laundry facilities. In addition, we have given employees reusable water bottles and have encouraged the use of glassware, available for us in all break areas.

Other Actions
— Our office departments are equipped with height adjustable table systems that can be transformed quite simply into a standing workplace, in order to create the best ergonomic working position.
— We promote a lifelong development of non-company specific skills in order to support the personal development of employees
— We supply corporate clothing that meets highest safety standards for all our employees in the production department
— We supply fresh fruit at the office for all our employees
— We offer an office gym

Shoebox Recycling

As of this year, Scandia shoeboxes and the packing materials for Scandia footwear are 100% made from recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable. This is part of our what we are calling our ‘better packaging initiative’; wherever possible and advisable, given applicable product safety standards, we will substitute conventional materials for biodegradable materials.


Offset paper is 100% natural uncoated paper made entirely from recycled wood pulp. The paper’s texture and tensile strength, however, are indistinguishable from paper created through wood pulp bleaching and other harmful chemical processes. With every innovation like this, making better, more sustainable choices gets easier.

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