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Our Mission

Our Philosophy
Our 45 years of specialisation in the design, production, and delivery of apparel and personal protective equipment (PPE) to the maritime, offshore, and cruise industries began as a family business in Rotterdam. We have since gone worldwide, expanding our operations to Singapore, Houston, and, Dubai. Still, we remain a family business committed to the safety and health of our client’s workforces worldwide.

Our Mission
Our immense product line is defined by its superior strength, style, and durability; our reputation, by competitive pricing and rapid delivery from stock, all in a sustainable way. Leading products include coveralls, immersion suits, footwear, gloves, galley wear, and equipment and apparel for work in extreme temperatures. To us, superior protection and a proper fit are inseparable qualities.

Our Vision

Scandia products ensure the wellbeing of workforces throughout the maritime, offshore, and cruise industries and are certified by notified bodies in accordance with applicable safety standards. Given the primacy of safety and health in our work, we are deeply committed to protecting the ecosystems that surround us globally and protecting the social responsibility in our supply chain. To that, we have established five interdependent environmental sustainability initiatives:

Continuous development
The feedback from the industries and workforces we support has been central to our 45 years of product development. It is our hope that those discussions about emerging and changing hazards and about product features will now include insights into what else can be done to reduce and eliminate waste.

Our apparel and our PPE combine specialised and multi-hazard protections. The materials, finishes, and coatings that create and reinforce these protections continue to undergo experimentation toward achieving ever-higher levels of safety without any harmful knock-on effects. In the upcoming years, our focus will be shifted towards more sustainable materials and investigating the possibilities for implementing these in our designs. We’re always innovating and trying to improve our products, with the least possible impact on our environment.

Customer involvement
To us, product development is the work of integrating industry trends, materials research, and feedback from our clients and their workforces along with changes to certification standards and occupational health and safety legislation. This co-creation is essential to making superior products and to ensuring the safety of those who depend on them. Environmental stewardship While it is Scandia’s responsibility to make sure that our mission and vision are as ambitious and uncompromising as the threats to our environment demand them to be, we welcome you to join us in thinking through and then putting into effect what needs to be done. We aim to protect our environment as much as possible.

Social compliance
By becoming a member of amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) per November 1, 2019 we have committed ourselves to map, track and audit our supply chain. We’ll assist our suppliers with remediation plans when necessary. This should strengthen our long-term partnership. We’re in this together! We’ve set goals for the coming years to build step-by-step a more sustainable supply chain.