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The creation of our eyewear range begins with you, the wearer. We understand the rigours of the maritime, offshore, and cruise sectors and are in close contact with the crews we outfit and equip. Our sunglasses and goggles are the result of industrial and materials research. They provide the right protections and features and are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish - we want you to look and feel great on the job in our apparel and PPE.



Choose the best eye protection for you and your work with our new eyewear matrix.
With clear feature and benefit comparisons and a guide to lens colours, the eyewear matrix makes finding the proper protection even easier.

Now you can search eyewear by:
1: safety norm or standard, to find the right level of protection  

2: transmission of sunlight and the category of protection provided

3: light and weather conditions (e.g., glare, brightness, overcast, cloudy, low light)

Scandia eyewear is compliant with multiple norms and standards and provides a variety of protections.
Take a moment to review the matrix to find the eyewear that is right for you and your work.


Different categories in weather conditions:

 Weather types



Our eyewear is designed to be your go-to protection against the hazards you face at work. They are built to last and provide every wearer with a comfortable, personal fit no matter their face type.