The newest addition to our popular coverall range is the ScanAlliance Boiler Suit. ScanAlliance is available in royal aqua and features enhanced HV and UV protection.

Retroreflective tape makes ScanAlliance outstanding. In ScanAlliance, with the combination of HV yellow and Silver retroreflective tape, you are 2x more visible than you are in apparel outfitted in standard reflective tape. ScanAlliance has been certified in accordance with AS / NZS 1906, which defines the requirements for and physical properties of: Photometric and colorimetric HV materials for use outside during daylight hours, for use at night or in low-light conditions, and a combination of the two.
ScanAlliance is certified compliant with class R protections. This means that the coverall is clearly visible in low-light conditions due to its retroreflective material.

Other classes are:

Class F – High daytime visibility fluorescent material/ fabric.
Class F (W) – High daytime visibility fluorescent material that has met both the requirements for Class F material and an optional wet weather test.
Class R – Retro-reflective material for use in garments used in low-light conditions.
Class RF – Combined performance retro-reflective/fluorescent material that meets requirements of Class R and the daytime colour of Class F.
Class NF – High daytime visibility non-fluorescent material.

Our ScanAlliance, the premier boiler suit for HV and UV protections. Now enhanced, these features and protections make it the go-to choice.

If you want to know more about ScanAlliance and the benefits of retroreflective tape, please download the ScanAlliance product datasheet HERE.

You can find more information about product safety requirements at our Norms + Standards section.