Our Range of Safety Glasses
& the ANSI Z87 Safety Standard

At Scandia Gear we find it important that safety eyewear is available for every situation at sea and on land, tailored to your preferences. We make eyewear and safety goggles that protect wearers against all hazards. Our collection includes clear glasses, sunglasses, lowlight glasses, and, debuting in Q2 2020, even polarised glasses.

When you look inside of a pair of safety eyewear you’ll see several markings. The numbers and markings inside your eyewear indicate specific safety ratings as set out in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety standard Z87.

Through ANSI Z87, certification for safety eyewear is based on common workplace hazards, such as:

  • Impact
  • Heat
  • Chemicals or Liquid Splash
  • Dust
  • Radiation

Eye protection that is certified compliant with Z87 is marked Z87. Manufacturers of safety eyewear are required to detail how, and verify that, their products meet these standards. All Scandia eyewear comply to this standard.

Download our Quick Guide to Lens Markings, and to see complete details about the ANSI Z87 norm, to use as a resource when evaluating your eyewear!