EN 50321:1999 - Footwear for electrical protection - Insulating footwear and overboots

EN 50321 pertains to the requirements and testing for electrically insulated footwear and for overboots used for work on live circuits with voltages up to 36,000V AC.  The products designed and manufactured according to this standard contribute to the wearer’s safety provided the products are used as intended and in accordance with applicable guidelines. Footwear that is antistatic, shock-resistant, and conductive is not covered by this standard. This standard applies to the following designs: low shoes, ankle boots, half-knee boots, and knee-high boots.

 EN 50321:1999 has two classes:

Electrical Class Max. nominal AC voltage Max. nominal DC voltage
00 500 V 750 V
0 1.000 V 1.500 V