This standard addresses the classification and testing of hand protection for specific performance properties related to chemical and industrial applications. Hand protection includes gloves, mittens, partial gloves, or other items covering the hand or a portion of the hand that are intended to provide protection against or resistance to a specific hazard.

Hand protection classifications are subdivided into three main groups:
1.    Mechanical Protection (cut, abrasion, puncture)
2.    Chemical Protection
3.    Other (heat, flame, vibration protection, dexterity, impact protection under development)

1 - Mechanical protection
Levels of performance:
Cut resistance:     levels A1 - A9
Puncture resistance:     levels 1 - 5 (Hypodermic Needle puncture)
Abrasion resistance:     levels 1 - 6
1 is the lowest level; 5, 6 and A9 are the highest levels

2 - Chemical Protection
Standard Breakthrough time:     levels 1 - 6
1 is the lowest level; 6 is the highest level

3 - Others
Flame and heat resistance
Levels of performance
Flame resistance:    levels 1 - 4
Heat degradation resistance:     levels 1 - 4
Conductive heat resistance:     levels 1 - 5     
1 is the lowest level; 4 and 5 are the highest levels

Vibration Reduction
Criteria: TRM <1.0 and TRH < 0.6:    levels pass/ fail

Levels of performance:     1 - 5
1 is the lowest level; 5 is the highest level

Impact Resistance
Only concerned the knuckle area:     levels pass/ fail