EN 374-2: 2014 Gloves that provide protection against dangerous chemicals and microorganisms – Part 2: Determining resistance to penetration

EN 374-2:2014 specifies the test methods for determining the penetration resistance of gloves that protect against dangerous chemicals and microorganisms. The microorganism pictogram indicates that glove is waterproof, resistant to microorganisms, and an effective barrier against the liquids that harbor microorganisms. Protection levels assigned to EN 374-2 gloves range from 1 to 3, with 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest (e.g., gloves assigned a protection rating of 1 are waterproof while gloves with ratings of 2 and 3 provide protection against microorganisms). 

• Minimum liquid proof section: the size of this section of the glove must equal the length specified in EN 420.
• Penetration: a glove must not leak when subjected to an air and/or water leak test and must be evaluated against the acceptable quality level (AQL).

Performance level AQL unit Inspection levels
Level 3  <0.65 G1
Level 2 <1.5 G1
Level 1 <4.0 S4