EN 358: Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height - Belts and lanyards for work positioning and restraint

EN 358:2015 supersedes EN 358:2000 and applies to belts and lanyards designed for work positioning and restraint. It specifies the requirements, testing, marking, manufacturer information, and packaging specifications that must be supplied by manufacturers. The standard does not pertain to restraint lanyards with fixed lengths integrated into belts.

The waist strap must be no less than 43 mm wide and the back support no less than 100 mm wide. Lanyards can be equipped with adjustable shoulder and sitting straps but, for normal use, must include a length adjuster and with a maximum length of 2 m.
Clear instructions for fitting, adjustment, and use must be supplied with each belt. Markings must indicate applicable standards, the manufacturer’s name, and the product’s serial number. The year and month of manufacture should be included in or on the product packaging.

Belts and lanyards tested in accordance with EN 358 must be used only for work positioning and restraint, allowing for hands-free movement. These items must not be used as a part of, or incorporated in, a fall arrest system.

In accordance with EN358, an accredited examiner must recertify fall arrest, work positioning harnesses every 12 months (at maximum).