AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 - Retro-reflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes - High-visibility materials for safety garments 

This standard specifies requirements for high-visibility materials capable of signalling the user’s presence visually. The standard describes the requirements for and physical properties of photometric and colorimetric high-visibility materials for use outdoors during daylight hours (class F), retro-reflective materials for use at night or in other low-light conditions (class R), and a combination of the two.

• Class F – High daytime visibility fluorescent material/ fabric.
• Class F (W) – High daytime visibility fluorescent material that has met both the requirements for Class F material and an optional wet weather test.
• Class R – Retro-reflective material for use in garments used in low-light conditions.
• Class RF – Combined performance retro-reflective/fluorescent material that meets the requirements of Class R and the daytime colour of Class F.
• Class NF – High daytime visibility non-fluorescent material.