ASTM F1506 - Protection for electrical workers exposed to momentary electric arc and related thermal hazards

This specification provides performance requirements for clothing worn by electric utility workers and other personnel working around energised parts. In addition to non-thermal requirements, the standard requires the fabric to be FR. FR here is measured using ASTM D6413 Vertical Flame Test (maximum 2.0 seconds after flame and 6.0 inch char length). The arc rating is either Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) or Arc Break-open Value (Ebt = cal/cm²) as measured by the ASTM F1959-06ae1 Arc Thermal Performance Test.

The standard has a general requirement that thread, bindings, and closures do not contribute to the wearer’s injuries in an electric arc exposure. Knit or woven fabrics may not melt and drip or have more than 2.0 seconds after flame or 6.0 inches char length. Arc ratings must appear on garment labels.