EN ISO 15025:2000 - Protective clothing - Protection against heat and flame - Test Methods for limited flame spread

This standard, superseded by ISO 15025:2016, specifies the methods for measuring the limited flame spread properties of vertically-oriented textiles and industrial products in the form of single or multi-component fabrics (e.g., coated, quilted, multilayered, sandwich constructions, and similar combinations) when subjected to a small, intense flame. These test methods are not appropriate for materials that melt or shrink extensively.

These methods include two procedures:

Procedure A: surface ignition
•Position the burner perpendicular to the surface of the test fabric
•Align the axis of the burner 20mm above the line of the lower pins
•Adjust the horizontal reach of the flame to 25 mm
•Test six specimens of fabric

Procedure B: bottom edge ignition
•Position the burner below the test specimen
•Adjust inclination to a 30° angle and flame height to 40 mm
•Test six specimens of fabric

After 10 seconds of ignition, the lab must note:
1. whether the flame reaches any edge of the test fabric
2. the after flame time
3. whether afterglow spreads to the undamaged area
4. the afterglow time
5. the occurrence of debris
6. whether a hole develops

en 15025

 Procedure A                    Procedure B