EN343:2019 - protective clothing: Protection against rain

(NEN-EN 343:2019 supersedes EN 343:2003+A1:2007.)

NEN-EN 343 specifies requirements and test methods for the performance of materials and readymade garments for protection against the effects of precipitation (e.g. rain, snowflakes), fog and ground humidity. Garments for protection against other effects than precipitation (e.g. water splashes, waves) are excluded from this standard. The protective effects and requirements of footwear, gloves and separate headwear are excluded from the scope of this document.

Explanation categories:
X: Water penetration (4 levels, where class 4 is best)
Y: Water vapor resistance / breathability (4 levels, where class 4 is best)
R: Rain tower test (optional) – X: means “not tested”

Below table can be used as a guideline for wearing time due to the breathability.

Recommended maximum continuous wearing time for a complete suit consisting of jacket and trousers without thermal lining
  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Temperature of working environment Ret > 40 25 < Ret ≤ 40 15 < Ret ≤ 25 Ret ≤ 15
25 °C 60 min 105 min 180 min No limit
20 °C 75 min 250 min No limit No limit
15 °C 100 min No limit No limit No limit
10 °C 240 min No limit No limit No limit
5°C No limit No limit No limit No limit
Table valid for medium physiological strain M = 150 W/m², standard man, at 50% relative humidity and wind speed of 0,5 m/s.