The ScanSanitas Kit is here!

Since everyone is a lot more concerned about practising good personal hygiene while on the move, we have developed ScanSanitas Kit, a multipurpose hygiene kit with everything you need to keep yourself fresh and germ-free.

The kit contains the following items:

ScanSanitas (1pc), ScanPrevent (1 pc), ScanShim (5 pcs), ScanPolished (5 pairs) and ScanRefresher (2 packs of 10 pcs).

Bag 5


 Please note: hand sanitiser is alcohol-based and classified as a dangerous good. While we considered including hand sanitiser with the kit, the costs and difficulties associated with transporting it, both individually and as part of the kit's contents, we chose to include alcohol-free, though no less effective, sanitising wipes instead.
2 items can be added to the kit at your request:

- ScanFix for hands-free carriage
- ScanBagID for bag personalisation
ScanSanitas Kit will be sold as 1 item, so it is not possible to buy the kit's items individually.
Available at the end of November from stock.

Protect yourselves and others and help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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