Which items can be customized?

All items with “custom logo” in the product description.

How can I send you my logo?

Send your logo as a PDF, an EPS, or an AI. Vectorized images produce the best results.

What is the delivery time?

The time required is normally ten business days. Once we have created an imprint of your logo, we can deliver orders within 24 hours.

How many colours can be used?

Every colour in the Pantone® palette is available and there is no limit to the number of colours that can be used.

Are special care instructions applicable?

Yes, just follow the wash and care instructions as indicated in each garment to preserve colour and consistency.

Is there a minimum quantity required?

There is no minimum order for logos with one colour. Additional colours will change delivery times. Please contact us for details.

CompanyLogo Example tablet+desktop

Can we help?

Should you need advice or more detail, contact us at info@scandiagear.com
or +31 (0)181 600 955