Celebrating 45 Years of Maritime Safety!

March 22, 2019

45 years ago, Scandia started as the round-the-clock supplier of duty-free products to
the crews of vessels docked at the Port of Rotterdam. When these crews needed T-shirts,
Scandia began supplying those too, along with custom logo printing services.

Back then, the company was known as Scandia Stores, named for the company's range
of merchandise and the region—“Scandia” being an ancient name for Scandinavia
- many of the vessel crews were coming from.
Artikelen Scandia Gear 2
In careful response to industry trends and the changing needs of crews, Scandia began
specialising in the development and production of safety clothing such as uniforms,
insulated jackets, and safety shoes.

Driven by demand and the development of a diverse product line featuring apparel and
PPE, Scandia's operations grew from Rotterdam's port through increasingly expansive
office and warehouse spaces in Spijkenisse. This city is still home to the company's
Artikelen Scandia Gear 7 3
Scandia branch openings in Singapore (2011), Houston (2014), and Dubai (2018) reflect
the company's commitment to supplying the maritime industry's demand for
apparel and protective equipment wherever the industry's endeavours take it.

To every one of our clients, longstanding and new, we thank you for your loyalty,
partnership, and the inspiration to create superior safety products for crews worldwide.