Effective Action Against Illegal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

November 13, 2013

The availability of inexpensive and inferior PPE is nothing new. Responsible companies buying non-compliant, sometimes counterfeited, PPE certainly is. Scandia actively opposes this alarming trend and, with this news item, wishes to announce the commencement of our awareness campaign against fraudulent PPE.

Recent downturns in the global financial market have further complicated the ever-present concern about balancing productivity with health and safety. While it will always be in a company’s interest to find cost savings, those savings must never be at the expense of employees’ health and safety.

Against fraudulent PPE, information and the enforcement of legal standards are among our best weapons:

  • PPE should be purchased from companies with impeccable reputations for high quality and equitable design and manufacturing
  • PPE should be job-specific and employees must receive comprehensive training to identify and use PPE 
  • There is an absolute correlation between low costs and low quality; companies should avoid purchasing PPE sold at prices well below industry averages    
  • Companies are encouraged to request from suppliers details concerning product design and production, certification, and feedback from former and current clients

Scandia’s products are made in full compliance with, and often exceed, regulatory and industry standards and sold at fair market prices. The details concerning our products’ design and production are transparent and readily available.

Competition creates better products at better prices. Competition is not an excuse for companies to willingly endanger the lives of their employees. Scandia will continue to work against the production and distribution of fraudulent PPE. We ask that you join us.