Scandia’s Green Label Collection | More coming soon!

October 13, 2021

We’re working on expanding our Green Label collection. With this initiative we’re incorporating even more sustainable materials into our products and continuing to reduce our carbon footprint.
The items in our Green Label collection are made using responsible, organic and recycled materials such as PET polyester and organic cotton. You can read more about the materials on our Green Label page.

Scandia Gear | Green Label

ScanOzone, our S3 Safety Sneaker made from recycled materials, and our latest addition ScanCovert, re-usable anti-slip shoe covers, made from recycled materials and the perfect alternative to disposable plastic shoe covers, are the Green Label collection's premiere products.
Behind the scenes the wheels keep turning; five new products, at minimum, are due for release this year. To stay updated, keep your eye on our social channels or subscribe to our newsletter!