Scandia elected as Incentra's best Supplier of the Year for 2013

October 16, 2013

In their annual evaluation of suppliers, Incentra SA, the Norwegian Marine Purchasing Organization, awarded Scandia the highest score of all suppliers.

Incentra - a marine purchasing association.

Incentra SA is a marine purchasing organisation where shipowners, ship managers and rig companies are members. Incentra facilitates framework agreements with original manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services for operation and maintenance of ships.

Incentra is selective in choosing product areas and suppliers. Each framework agreement is a result of thorough market research and evaluation. Suppliers must comply with Incentra's quality standards within health, safety, environment and supplier code of conduct.

Incentra performs audits of all suppliers.

The news from Incentra was followed by an offer of "congratulations" written in capital letters and with seven exclamation marks. We are deeply honored and share their excitement. 

For more information regarding Incentra's members please click here.