ScanSharp - Your best defense against razor wire

December 08, 2015

Developed over the past 18 months in consultation with our clients—ScanSharp, gauntlets that exceed cut level 5 in protection, with perfect dexterity, breathability, and CE and ANSI certification. The SuperFabric® shell is an award-winning Extreme Textile, strengthened by a double reinforced palm with an inner layer of Kevlar®.

The gauntlet’s ergonomic design ensures optimal dexterity and effortless finger movement. Silicone dots create an excellent grip. ScanSharp provides the highest level of protection against abrasions, cuts, tears and punctures, and is essential for work with razor wire, beveling, and glass.

Maritime crime is on the rise. Every vessel's PPE inventory should include multiple sets of ScanSharp.

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