Sea Rangers: a stepping stone into a maritime career

October 20, 2020

For a younger generation, sustainability is not just an opinion or a slogan, it is a fact of life.
The maritime sector works hard toward achieving sustainability in a variety of initiatives, specifically the promotion of clean shipping and strong environmental standards during seafarer training.

Scandia Gear | Searangers Bootcamp

Now, the sector is further aided by the Sea Rangers, an organisation of young seafaring ambassadors who work toward making our oceans and waterways healthier.
During Sea Ranger Boot Camp, young people, even those without any experience in the maritime industry, can take part in three weeks of group exercises and basic maritime training.
On offer is the chance to be selected for a full-time, paid, entry-level seafaring job as a Sea Ranger and, with that, to become actively involved in ocean conservation initiatives and begin training toward a commercial sailing endorsement.
The Sea Ranger Service operates a work vessel in the North Sea for a variety of environmental monitoring and surveying initiatives.
A second offshore vessel is currently being built and plans are in place to scale the Sea Rangers' work in other countries around the North Sea beginning in 2021.
Founder of the company, Wietse van der Werf, emphasises the role Sea Rangers can play for the maritime sector: “These are motivated young people with a love for the sea and working offshore.
As ocean ambassadors, they transition into jobs with other maritime employers after one year. It’s a great model to combine recruitment and training of the next generation of seafarers while simultaneously pushing for further sustainability in the maritime industry.”
To support the Sea Rangers' work, Scandia Gear has supplied special overalls for all boot camp participants to wear for the duration of their training.
Out of the group of 30 boot camp participants, eight will be selected to become Sea Rangers.
These activities, which are led by military veterans and experienced seafarers, build up participants' confidence and offer them insight into their ability to work as part of a team in challenging situations. The next boot camp is scheduled for 2021.
For more information on the work of the Sea Rangers and the boot camp, please visit