An interview with: The Sea Rangers

August 01, 2019

Making oceans safer and healthier with the world’s first maritime ranger service

As part of our ongoing sustainability initiative, Scandia is pleased to sponsor the work of The Sea Rangers. Our planet's health is humanity's health. We found in the Sea Ranger Service a corporate partner doing indispensable work for our oceans and our planet. 
Read our interview with the Sea Ranger Service founder Wietse van der Werf below and consider supporting the organisation's work.

Scandia Gear: What is the Sea Ranger Service?
Wietse: “The Sea Ranger Service is the world’s first maritime ranger service. We are a social enterprise, building sailing vessels and training un- and underemployed young people, with the help of Navy veterans, to become Sea Rangers.”
Scandia Gear - Sea Rangers
Scandia Gear: What are a Sea Ranger's responsibilities?
Wietse: “Once candidates have completed basic training, we assign 12 to each of our ships. Following extensive training at sea, new Sea Rangers are deployed to assist nations in protecting threatened ecosystems, marine and maritime research work, and cultural conservation initiatives such as the safeguarding ship wrecks. 
The rapid expansion of offshore seaweed farming presents us with the opportunity to play an active role in the development of sustainable blue economies in coastal regions. “
Scandia Gear: So this is a comprehensive approach?
Wietse: “For sure, yes! Through this approach, the Sea Ranger Service inspires young people to chose careers in the maritime sectors, protects threatened marine ecosystems, and confronts the problems of social withdrawal and isolation that afflict so many veterans.”
Scandia Gear: And has the service's work been met with success?
Wietse: “Yes! Interest in and support for the Sea Ranger Service has built significantly over the last two years. We have partnered with 40 companies and the first group of Sea Rangers has been operational since the end of 2018."

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